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Scrimshaw began as a nautical folk art of carving images from whalebone, ivory, or tusks, and usually engraved with scenes reflecting whaling life. Scrimshaw first appeared around 1864. Websters Dictionary defines it as:

1 : any of various carved or engraved articles made orig.
by American whalers usu. from baleen or whale ivory

2 : scrimshawed work

3 : the art, practice, or technique of producing scrimshaw

I am a scrimshander. Although I scrim Nautical art and images, I don't limit myself to this alone. I can scrim images into gun handle grips, knife handles, ivory insets for jewelry boxes, belt buckles, (or whatever), plaques, jewelry, piano keys, and much more. I scrim into ivory, bone, and other materials, including Corian, of which is no part of an animal.

Please take a few minutes to view some pictures of some things I have done. I call these my samples.

I assure fast service (without sacrificing quality), fair prices, and good quality work. Talk to me about scrimming an image into your knife or gun handle. Talk to me about scrimming your pets image into a gorgeous plaque. Just see what I have done for others!

I also do tattoos, etching (glass too...for windshields, sunglasses, mirrors, etc.), helmets, wood, etc. Also, I do airbrushing, signs, book illustration and much more. Be sure to visit my main site, Print2Paint to see more of my work.

Also visit my links page. I have links to some of the best custom knife makers, gun makers, manufactuers, and specialists on the web. Also, there are links to personal pages of people who have visited my site. While you are there, add your URL.

Please don't run off without visiting Print2Paint too! Print2Paint is my main website, showing all the different art I do, including portraits, illustration, sketches and more. I also offer free original graphics made from my own art.

Please sign my guestbook before you leave too! I would love to know who visited and from where. Feel free to drop me an email, I welcome all comments.

If you have a site about guns or knives; a collector, maker, artist, or fan, why not join my new webring?

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