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Background Sets, sometimes called families, are matching sets to make your web page look more uniform and nice. These sets will include the background, buttons, bars, and sometimes welcome logos and bullets.

The background sets on this page are free for your personal website, please read the terms of use before downloading any of them. Don't forget to link to Print2Paint if you use any of the graphics please.

More graphics are being made all the time, so keep checking back.

Click on the name of the background set to view and download the entire set.


Bear Cubs - Two cute little bear cubs.

Black Cat - This green eyed black cat on a black background looks very nice, if not kind of spooky.

Falcon - The beautiful and majestic falcon on a brown and cream set.

Playful Kitty - A cute kitten peeking at you from around the corner.

Shadow Dancer - A wolf in shadow.

Shadow Dancer 2 - A wolf in shadow, on black.

Tiger on Violet - A beautiful tiger in a violet and silver den.

Wolf Paws - A nice background set with paw prints all over it.

Wolf Pups - Three cute little wolf cubs.

Wolves in Woods - Beautiful wolves enjoying the peace of the winter woods.


These more conservative background sets are attractive and simple.

Teal Border - A teal textured border with a choice of shadow or not for the buttons and bars.

Gray Stone - Gray stone border set. Simply attractive.

Gray-Green Marble - Very nice.

Gray-Green Marble 2 - Same as above with a slightly different Background.

Torn Page-Gray on Gray - A ripped light gray border over a dark gray background.

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