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Although these links are not in alphabetical order, they are speperated into two categories.....  Knives and Guns


International Knife Directory - Knives, Knife...

Nantucket (where Scrimshaw originated)

Always and Forever Knives

Leon Janin's Knife Links

The National Knife Collectors Association

Knife Collector . Com - Welcome!

Benchmade Knives Online Magazine

Buck Knives: Leading makers of knives, blades...

Knife World

wbarnes 's Home Page

The Art Knife Collector's Association Home Page

Darrel Ralph - Bladesmith

Darrel Ralph - Bladesmith

Zima Knives - Home Page

The "Sticking Point" Home Page

Center Cross Metal Works

Sharyn's Antique & Collectable Knife Page

Custom Handmade Knives by Johnny Stout.

The Knife Collector -WEB

Tactical Knives, The ultimate magazine...

ADaM Sharps Specialty Cutlery - Canadian!

United Artworks Home Page

Larry's Knife Page

Don Fogg Custom Knives

Smith Custom Knives,engraving,tactical knives...

Hardy's Home Page

Steve Mullin Custom Knives/Pack River Knives

Wally Hayes Bladesmith

Home Page for Custom Knives by A.T. Barr

Provision Forge - Custom made knives by Gene ...

Welcome To Gray Custom Knives & D G Gray & So...

American Bladesmith Society, Index Page

Thompson Knife Page

American bowie knives beautiful blades Made i...

Dushane Custom Handmade Knives

Dragon Fist Forge

Goshawk Knives

Etzler Knives, fantasy, tactical, art knives

Newton Knives

Professional Knifemakers Association

DAMASTEEL AB, damascus, steel

KNIFE & GUN Finishing Supplies

Boyer Blades

R. Coon - Handmade Knives

Salamander Armoury


Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement

Combat Handguns, a Harris Publications Magazine

American Blackpowder Beauties

Dalphon - Conversion Mags For AR-Type Rifles ...

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